anna shamshurina
2 min readOct 6, 2021


Another Memrise session, here we go!

I love I love I love spying new words in books, shows, the Internet and anywhere. It will never Not blow my mind that all this time these words have been there, you just never paid enough attention to them.

I genuinely enjoy these sessions, though I’m sometimes afraid to use new vocabulary in my sentences because I’m not sure whether they’d fit and work there. Well, I guess this is what dictionaries are for. So, I’m manifesting it into the universe that from now on I’ll be using these words in my speech and sentences more.

Now, vocabulary work.

Acerbic — used to describe something that is spoken or written in a way that is direct, clever, and cruel

The lyrics of this song are acerbic as they vocally criticize the government and its recent choices.

Copious — in large amounts, or more than enough

We had copious evidence and people who vouched for Walter’s innocent, however it felt like it was never enough for the State to admit they had made a mistake convicting someone not guilty of murder.

Milieu — the people, physical, and social conditions and events that provide the environment in which someone acts or lives

Studies show that living in a milieu of abuse and poverty make people apt to committing crimes and developing serious mental diseases.

Thank you,